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2021 Inaugural Grantees Announced! 

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动物园的实验室 serves artists through online learning, 无限制的资金, mentorship opportunities, and community building. In 2021, 动物园的实验室 will make available $225,000 in unrestricted grants. Awards will range from $5,000 to $50,000 and will support 海湾地区 BIPOC and BIPOC-led artist teams with a music-based project or business.  


动物园的实验室 was founded in 2013 with a vision of building a startup entrepreneurship infrastructure for artists. Over the seven years that followed, 动物园的实验室 ran 26 accelerator residencies at their West Oakland 录音棚, assembling a strong and vibrant community of over 250 artists and 350 mentors whose collective knowledge and skills are abundant. While many of these artists now have entrepreneurial skills and projects that are ready to go, there is a marked lack of capital for these individuals, especi所有y 海湾地区 BIPOC artists, to afford starting or scaling up their creative businesses. In response to this pointed financial need, 动物园的实验室 will award unrestricted grants to 海湾地区 BIPOC and BIPOC-led artist teams whose music-based project or business is contributing to the region’s arts and culture environment in positive ways. In addition to receiving cash grants, teams will have access to mentors with expertise in a range of industries (music, 科技, 市场营销, 法律, 和更多). 动物园的实验室 is also translating their in-person business accelerator into a free, online video learning series—coming f所有 2021—for a wider audience to develop entrepreneurial skills.

To administer the 2021 grant award cycle, 动物园的实验室 has partnered with Center for Cultural Innovation, a trusted nonprofit intermediary focused on the financial well-being of artists, uedbet在线注册工作者, 文化持有者, and creative entrepreneurs.


To be considered for funding, applicants:

  • Must be BIPOC or BIPOC-led teams of two or more people, with at least one artist member1
  • Must be launching, or have already established, a music-based project or business2;
  • Must reside full-time in Alameda, 柯斯, 马林, 纳帕, 旧金山, 圣马特奥市, 圣克拉拉, 索拉诺, 或索诺玛县*

º*更新7.16.21: We recognize that the pandemic has resulted in the temporary and permanent displacement of individuals from their homes in the 海湾地区. If 所有 team members were living in an eligible 海湾地区 county as of March 1, 2020, but have been displaced as a result of the pandemic, the team is eligible to apply;

  • Can be any age; however, if a member of the team is 18 years old or younger, CCI 工作人员 must be contacted to discuss the team's eligibility; and
  • Cannot have a conflict of interest (family or financial relationship) with the board, 工作人员, or directors of Center for Cultural Innovation, 动物园的实验室, or Intersection for the Arts.

While not a deciding factor, preference will be given to:

  • Music-based projects and businesses that focus on social justice, 教育, 音乐技术, or the performing arts.

1Teams may consist of artists, 内容创造者, 生产商, 开发人员, 工程师, 经理, 顾问, and other supporting roles. 

2音乐作为一种产品, 程序, 服务, or art form/cultural expression must be the key feature of the project or business. 进一步, we are open to a range of music-based projects and businesses such as groups/ensembles, 录音棚, 音乐节, 黑胶唱片按, 唱片公司, online platforms or applications, and music 教育 nonprofits, to name a few examples.  


The 2021 application round has closed. 

An informational webinar was hosted by CCI on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, 12:00 - 1:00 PM PT. The webinar provided an overview of the application, helpful tips, and a live Q & A. A recording of the webinar is available in the 应用程序链接 section below.



July 5, 2021 at 9 AM PT


July 14, 2021, 12 - 1 PM PT (recording available in 应用程序链接 section below)


UPDATED: August 26, 2021 at 12 PM PT (NOON)


Week of October 18, 2021

Application Notification

UPDATED: October 25, 2021 by 5 PM PT

Grantee Mentorship Coordination    

October - November 2021


The 2021 application round has closed. 

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CCI 工作人员 are here to help! 电子邮件我们 grants@ksq9.com with the subject heading, “动物园的实验室 Grant” or c所有 415.288.0530.